Worship Ain’t No Lie

Mysterious and gloomy like the sound itself, so is the vinyl cover art. It is a filmstill taken from the dreamscene of the music video. In her glass cage the protagonist guides us through oppression and distress; The inner conflict and pressure. Red lightnening a straightjacket with sleeves down to the ground like a surreal and distractive construct give the setting a special amount of threat and alert. Mistiness swallow us into the dream. The font Bodoni with its serifs, tells a story by itself.

Fear and Truth: Fear is like a hunting figure, a shadow that is following us and we want to escape from. We are trying to resist the deafening feeling but nevertheless how fast we run, it will find a way to the surface. The everlasting dialogue with ourselves. If we are confronted by fear, we are in the position of facing the inner conflict and battlefield of haunting demons. And yet the borders between realities disappear. It is an illuminating feeling and intoxicating fullfilment. Indeed the straight way to overcome fear is to go right through it. What I consired fear, is truth at once. And what I considered a figure, am I myself.

‚Worship Ain’t No Lie’ is a Sound-, Video-, and Vinyl Cover Art project about the abyss of fear and the omnipresent truth. NAINN produces a gloomy sound and uses a language that is applied to be decoded. Her deep voice in combination with the fuzzy guitar rope us into a world of absence and presence of mind. In Worship Ain’t No Lie there is a constant heartbeat. But the flaws give information about the gloomy world of confrontation with fear.

Based on the drama ‘Taipei Is Calling’ and the song ‘Worship Ain’t No Lie’ she produced the musicvideo in collaboration with artist and director Oliver Freiländer. The film was shooted in october and november 2020 in Frankfurt/Main: On rooftops above the city, in dark alleys, on bridges, at Saasfee* Pavillon and the technoclub Tokonoma. Just recently the Video won the Munich Music Video Award in the category Best Lyrics.

The Single and musicvideo will be released in December 2021 at Saasfee* Pavillon Frankfurt.

Biography: Veve Vega is an artist, musician and filmmaker based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany. She was born in Atbasar, Kazakhstan and left in the late 90’s as a reaction to her Russian-German family history and the legislation of the Federal Expellees Act in Germany.

Veve Vega /
Prof. Alex Oppermann /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Semester Project 2021