sail_r brings the Mazda design philosophy “Kodo” into a new context and combines my product design studies with the knowledge that I had gained from working at Mazda for a year. Kodo means ‘Soul of Motion’ and has been Mazda’s design philosophy for several years. This can be visualized by a cat about to jump. The movement is natural, dynamic and aesthetic. The focus of the boat was on transferring characteristics of the Mazda MX5, such as agility, lightness and a focus on driving pleasure, to SAIL_R and at the same time creating something new.

After a form theme and proportions had been determined through a sketching process, I moved from 2D sketching into creating a clay model. Over a period of several weeks, this was repeatedly revised, scanned, mirrored and milled back onto the clay model. The final scan of the model was cleaned and the hydrofoils were added.

Paulina Kämmerer /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diploma 2020 / 2021