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The project dealt with the projection and interaction of syntactic and concrete visualizations on three-dimensional objects and spaces. In teamwork a four-part systemic and interactive installation was designed.

On the basis of the knowledge about the use of VVVV (digital tool for the development of media and virtureal spaces) and Arduino (open source platform) conveyed in the workshop, interactive systems and projections were developed in four teams of two. These can be tested and used directly by visitors on the HfG tour. A red and a black button as well as a slider are available to influence the projections and the visualizations in real time.

The diversity of the programs developed – from jump-and-run games to modulating graphic content to search games – provides an insight into the future use of interactive systems in design.

The project is characterized by a planned and goal-oriented approach to the conception and implementation of virtual systems. The connection of digitality with the physical creates a high design appeal. The result motivates to look for other and unusual tasks in design in general – and to discover virtual design for the design sector (anew): the bit and the carbon atom become one!

Semester Project 2016

Prof. Frank Zebner
Fabian Schöfer

Elisa Holzer, Karlotta Klußmann, Till Magnus Maurer, Anna Rivera, Yulia Stern, Frauke Taplik, Anton Viehl, Hui Wang