As today’s use of bumble bee colonies to pollinate tomatoes in greenhouses (artificial ecosystems) upsets the surrounding natural ecosystem, the intelligent use of technology offers an adequate solution to secure yields and thus the food base.

Mrb2 is able to overcome the growth height of tomato plants (approx. 3.5m) steplessly by a telescope column. The grippers vibrate the inflorescence by means of a piezo buzzer, which triggers the pollen. Camera sensors detect the inflorescence and thus enable the gripper unit to fix it in place. When the pollen is released, the module rotates 180°, picks up a new inflorescence and generates a pollen cloud by means of compressed air, which then pollinates the flower.

The modular design of the mrb2 allows a specific adaptation to different tasks, such as irrigation, bonitur and the like. Thus, the basic body is always retained, only the respective function module has to be replaced.

Susanne Hoffmann /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diploma 2009