Lounge Chair Porsche Design

The Porsche Design brand stands for the technically functional and radically consistent design of lifestyle products and accessories in the luxury goods sector. Within the scope of a cooperation with the Porsche Design Studio in Berlin, the aspect of brand authentic design became the main object of investigation in the design work. Together with Porsche Design, a context (living space) that had been largely untrodden by the brand so far was to be worked on and a product placed there that, both formally and philosophically, expresses affiliation to the brand and thus proves to be authentic.

The result was a lounge chair, the core element of which is a structure made of trigons produced by laser sintering, which are reduced in size at the points where they are exposed to the greatest stress, are correspondingly more flexible there and thus enable the user to sit comfortably.

Fabian Kragenings /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diploma 2013 / 2014