From Brand To Product

In a realistic design situation, the problems of the brand in its representative function for the products and vice versa were examined. The tasks of brand construction were discussed about design as well as the special aspects of the theories and methods (practice) of design in the design – among others the product language, the Offenbach approach – in order to finally arrive at innovative design concepts. In the project, the criteria mentioned were examined visionarily and independently in the case of products for energy distribution – for example the so-called disconnecting load switch.

Picture: Raster and modular systems // Janina Schmidt

Semester Project 2011

Prof. Dr. Alex Buck
Prof. Frank Zebner

Stephan Brühl, Markus Däsch, Jakob Gresch, Özge Köroglu, Mirko Marchetti, Hellen Caroline Nagl, Johannes Ott, Steffen Reiter, Janina Schmidt, Barbara Wildung