The question of concepts for future mobility is a matter that is being – and must be – negotiated by different disciplines and sectors. After all, the mobility of people and goods is an essential need that remains valid even under the pressure of sustainable demands. This applies to public as well as private and individual means of transportation.

A solution offer for a barrier-free, inclusive charging infrastructure system of electrically powered vehicles of any kind expresses itself in the project as a systemic, technical as well as communicative matter. The project epic (e = energy / electricity; pic from ,pick’) cumulates these concepts in a design proposal that exemplifies the problem and opportunity of integrative design strategies in industrial design. It is primarily characterized by its compatibility based on a standardized process: both cars, bicycles, wheelchairs, scooters and other vehicles powered by accumulators are automatically charged by means of induction coils.

Christina Timmann /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diplom 2021