At the time of Cobot’s development, many 3D printers were not suitable for office use. The goal was to develop a desktop 3D printer that would fit easily on a desk, be quiet and easy to use, and be ready to go into production.

The basis of the concept is the one-piece housing, bent from an aluminium sheet, which serves as an exoskeleton. Almost all coarse frame profile constructions are eliminated by the fact that the entire axle construction is mounted on the housing. The closed and passively heated installation space allows a more uniform cooling of the produced parts, in contrast to an open machine. Cobot is equipped with a dual extruder in order to be able to work without restrictions when it comes to shaping. By combining and modularizing, a reduction in the number of necessary parts was achieved.

Nils Mayer /
Marc Schömann /
Raoul Wilken /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Free Studies 2013