The bathroom has the decisive key function for the lifelike living of older people. Above all in this place the idea of a self-determined life in one’s own four walls is coupled. The ZVSHK German Central Association for Sanitation, Air Conditioning and Heating initiated the project against the background of new requirements for a barrier-free bathroom. The result was trend-setting, practical and marketable designs – without the still widespread deficit-oriented design language.

Support System

Shana Puid


Luna Chen


Pia Scharf

Bath Chair

Lina Wullenweber


Joseph Schreiter


Miriam Schmitt

Research Project 2013 / 2015

The cooperation was initiated in 2013 by the ZVSHK Zentralverband Sanitär Heizung Klima. It was headed by Matthias Thiel, who is also responsible for projects in the Central Association that deal strategically with demographic change.

The project started in the winter semester of 2013 and lasted 3 semesters. The end of the project was the exhibition >50 at the ISH International Sanitation and Heating Fair 2015 in Frankfurt. Here the developed ideas for the future were presented.

Prof. Frank Zebner

Luna Chen, Mircea Göller, Julia Liedtke, Yi Jeon Lohmann, Shaghayegh Puid, Pia Scharf, Miriam Schmitt, Joseph Schreiter, Lina Djouiai