Writing Future

Lamy is an important German design and brand icon. LAMY has been manufacturing writing instruments for almost 50 years. LAMY products are used by students and top executives alike! The brand is one of the lighthouses when it comes to serious, durable and well-founded design. But times change – and new challenges arise: This is primarily due to the increasing digitalisation of our private and professional lives and the associated disappearance of paper as a means of communication. A new way of writing and drawing determines people’s lives. A new cultural technique based on touch- and gesture-oriented interfaces has emerged.

Pictures: Lamy Hi // Fenglin Zhang

Lamy faces the challenge of (re)thinking everything! But it is not only at the level of technical solutions that new ground must be broken. In order not to lose previous strengths in the “digitalised world” and to be able to continue to use the accumulated brand potential and capital, it is also necessary to anticipate the questions of the transfer of existing brand values and iconographies. This project defines itself in the area of tension between current design leadership and a fundamentally new challenge, while at the same time preserving the existing brand strength. A unique opportunity to accompany the so-called “Business Transformation” with Industrial Design as a catalyst. Think new, design new! In its most radical form!

Picture: Inko // Catalina Villa

Semester Project 2014 / 2015

Prof. Dr. Alex Buck
Prof. Frank Zebner

Natalia Echeverri Pinto, Martin Holmann Gonzalez, Yu-Ting Han, Lucia Hornfischer, Sinja Möller, Lea Rochna, Aldin Sakic, Catalina Villa, Jia-Jun Wu, Bruce Yeh, Po-Yen Yeh, Fenglin Zhang