Sonnenbrand (Sunburn)

Bosch Thermotechnology, with its international subsidiary, is a leading European manufacturer of resource-saving heating products and hot water solutions. Bosch Thermotechnology, a leading global supplier of indoor climate and hot water systems, can benefit from decades of experience in the field of heating and hot water preparation.

A core topic of the project work was heat generation from solar energy. This form of energy generation is one of the most attractive ways of achieving greater independence from fossil fuels and towards renewable energies. The current state of the design, the design systematics and the appearance of the heating and hot water systems were analysed in order to develop and design innovative design concepts in a design process.

In addition to the technical design objectives (product conception and design), the semester project also focused on the aspects of product planning to be developed in the product work from brand-oriented and entrepreneurial as well as product-oriented perspectives. The question to be answered was what a future “design DNA” for Bosch Thermotechnology would look like?

Picture: Portable Thermosiphon System // Benjamin Würkner

Heat Accumulator for the Living Area

Victoria Hammel

Thermosiphon for Facades

Martin Pohlmann

Solar Collector

Natalia Echeverri Pinto

Semester Project 2012 / 2013

Prof. Frank Zebner

Natalia Echeverri Pinto, Victoria Hammel, Vivienne Nürnberger, Martin Pohlmann, Pia Scharf, Benjamin Würkner