soft co-op

Future building projects are considered as a whole: from planning to installation. In the course of Building Information Modelling (BIM), all relevant project data is digitally planned and modelled in detail.

Technological progress will undoubtedly change the work on the construction site. Work that is physically very demanding and basically inhumane will be partly taken over by automated construction machines. In the construction sector 46% of all tasks can be automated. In this case, automation is not intended to increase efficiency but to reduce physical stress. The number of robotic systems will thus increase. The human fields of activity will change accordingly. Its the task of the design to visualise possible future.

soft co-op is an autonomous robot system, consisting of a basic robot and several small projection robots. As part of the digitally networked system, soft co-op visualises the communication relevant to workers. The aim is to make the cooperation between man and machine as intuitive as possible. With the help of so-called volumetric projections, hints, instructions and feedback are visualised directly at the appropriate places. In this way, for example, short machine inputs or safety-relevant instructions can be integrated intuitively and dynamically into the work process. Based on the digital twin, the next steps of the construction process could also be visualised directly on site.

Bastian Mühlinghaus /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diploma 2020