Portal is a mobile ultrasonic CNC milling robot. The design is based on existing advanced technologies such as ultrasonic drills, switchable nano-adhesives, and flexible manipulator arms. The basic idea was to make it possible to machine hard stones using CNC methods regardless of the position of the object. The main function and the handling, as well as the transport of the machine and the flexibility in the working process are in the foreground with this product. The aim was to take into account all current requirements and expectations of the users of the machine and to fulfil them.

Portal is both an autonomous milling machine and a tool that can be used for the manual execution of the milling process. The aim was to create a novel and exclusive strategy of the milling process, oriented towards demanding and complex tasks. The use of modern technology and materials opens new possibilities for the user, creates innovative use and creates a unique character of this product. Thanks to its compact shape and easy handling, an innovative product with functional design has been created that can be sold and used even outside professional circles.

Nikita Bagdulin /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diploma 2014 / 2015