Panda Glass

Panda Glass is a device for extended information recording from the environment, which is based on an Augmented Reality (AR) system as well as a Head Mounted Display. The AR system provides the user with real-time additional information about the real existing environment. The reason for this project is to be able to access the knowledge of the Internet at any time by linking it to one’s own body. The user’s own gestures serve as an interface and their feedback is immediately visible on the Head Mounted Display.

The original intention of this project is to support scientific work in the wilderness. This device enables the researchers to access and process all information of all known animal and plant species. This is made possible by the integrated object recognition function.

The structure of the software, however, is not only based on purely scientific work. It can also be adapted to other areas through redesign. Thus a use for the public space of humans is also conceivable.

Xiaojia Yao /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diploma 2013 / 2014