Securing Rope

Julia Liedtke

Mountain Shoe

Johannes Schmutzler

Snowshoe Ski

Johannes Ott

Hiking and Climbing Combination Shoe

Vanessa Ramster

Touring Ski Binding

Miriam Schmitt

Safety Folding Knife

Eda Tamara Temucin

On The Rocks

Standing, walking, running, gliding, kicking and climbing on ice, snow and stone. The development of a product or product system for use in the mountains or in alpine nature – that was the objective of a project in which the designs were very strongly influenced by the view “in the field”. A five-day excursion to the Allgäu Alps at the beginning of the semester offered a variety of opportunities to grasp the special features of the alpine terrain and to define a project title for a realistic user situation. This included travel preparations and travel with as much luggage as possible (and only the most necessary), as well as hazard and adventure exercises in the terrain, such as blind walking, orienteering, hiking or climbing.

The conception of the group work did not only include the product design, but also elementary design themes for brand building. For example, a logo was designed and a discussion was held about color branding.

Semester Project 2012 / 2013

Prof. Frank Zebner

Tim Besler, Julia Liedtke, Johannes Ott, Vanessa Ramster, Miriam Schmitt, Johannes Schmutzler, Eda Temucin, Benjamin Vogt