Next Tools

The project combines the context of nature experiences with the Bosch Power Tools brand. According to the Do It Yourself principle, modular concepts were developed for the preparation of food, composting on the balcony at home, water treatment, the care of leisure objects, protection during outdoor activities, the alignment of a camera during movement and the air-conditioning of closed volumes. Through energy harvesting, the designs are designed to act self-sufficiently and independently of the connection to a power grid.

Level It Yourself

Hui Wang

Climate It Yourself

Lina Djouiai

Clean It Yourself

Yulia Stern

Semester Project 2016

Prof. Frank Zebner

Christian Bax, Vanessa van den Bossche, Marcin Fijalkowski, Anna-Lena Moeckl, Yulia Stern, Hui Wang, Lina Wullenweber