Leap Fitness & Orea

The task of how to become fit with the help of a system was realized in two directions. On the one hand by designing an appealing fitness device that promotes mobility, coordination and the targeted build-up of strength. This device motivates the user to take it in his hand and to keep the barrier of use as small as possible. The second direction was approached by an external motivation in the form of an app. This app motivates the user to do sports regularly through gamification points. With the app the user has the possibility to adjust his training according to his motives. Possible motives are the increase of performance, sense of achievement, promotion of health and aesthetic reasons to shape the body.

The workout itself can be chosen in exercise, fun and slow down. A focus can be placed on one to all basic elements of fitness. Elements are endurance, strength, agility, coordination and mental fitness.

Janina Anjuli Schmidt /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diploma 2014