Iris deals with the problem of lighting in an operating room. The special thing about iris is that the light no longer has to be aligned by hand. The alignment of the light is done verbally and with the help of a Rfid chip (radiofrequency identification).

The chip has the size of a teardrop and can therefore be easily integrated into any surgical instruments. The advantage of this chip is that no primary energy source is required. It supplies itself with energy by converting radio waves transmitted from the lamp into energy. This is done in a coil placed in front of the actual chip. With this generated energy the chip can send back information. The information sent by the chip is a position indication. In order to determine a position in space exactly, three coordinates are necessary. Therefore Iris has three receivers. By the difference of the received information an exact position can be calculated.

The surgeon determines when the iris should set the light again. With the help of the “Iris Focus” command, the process of automatic focusing is initiated.

Johannes Schmidt-Knatz /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diploma 2012 / 2013