Into The Sun

JK Ergoline is one of the most important and popular manufacturers of products and systems for solariums and exports to more than 50 countries worldwide. The changed and new perception regarding individual health and beauty ideals as well as the increasingly critical technical dialogue require a new way of thinking and acting in the further development of the brand and its products. In concrete terms, this means for the JK Ergoline brand: away from sunbed tanning towards spa, work-life balance, yoga, Pilates and above all health. All these are so-called quieter, more contemplative contexts. In close cooperation with JK Ergoline and Whybrand’s branding experts, new and unconventional ways for a future product and brand image were explored.

Picture: Bällebad // Yudan Chen

Semester Project 2018

Prof. Dr. Alex Buck
Prof. Frank Zebner

Daniel Becker, Yudan Chen, Si Han Ho, Elisa Holzer, Janika Jürmann, Isabel Kovacevic, Wilhelm Lange, Aron Schreiner, Samira Wyrobnik, Bettina Braun, Daniel Horie