From Addition To Production

Generative shape generation and rapid prototype technologies create new scope for design and sales opportunities. Three-dimensional composite materials, for example, not only have the potential to revolutionize the assembly and manufacturing of products, but also offer a much greater scope for design. Mass customization, lightweight construction, wearables, adapted medical technology or healthcare products are further examples that demonstrate the potential of digital manufacturing beyond model making. This poses challenges for design, because flexible production demands equally flexible design solutions. The aim of the project was to explore the possibilities of rapid prototyping as a manufacturing process.

Picture: RBX // Steffen Strehl


Daniel Horie

From Addition To Tradition

Elisa Holzer


Bettina Braun

Semester Project 2017 / 2018

Natalia Echeverri Pinto
Marc Schömann

Bettina Braun, Andreas Grzesiek, Elisa Holzer, Shuhan Lou, Daniel Horie, Fabian Schöfer, Yulia Stern, Steffen Strehl, Robin Thannberger