Radial Chain

Vanessa van den Bossche

Modular Storage System

Marina Fischer, Karlotta Klußmann, Carina Moser


Marcin Fijalkowski

Node Connection

Hui Wang

Node Connection

Till Magnus Maurer


Yulia Stern

Flexibles and Detachables

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of USM Haller, the commercially most successful systemic office furniture designed by Fritz Haller and Paul Schäfer 50 years ago, 16 students took part in a workshop on the task of “Rethink the Modular – Flexibles and Detachables”. On the 52nd floor of the Messeturm in Frankfurt, a complete 360-degree floor was used as a temporary design studio. Within ten days, the students there developed innovative systematic solutions, which were presented once again in April 2016 in a three-day roadshow by USM Haller, Designfunktion and Spielmanns.

Semester Project 2015 / 2016

Prof. Frank Zebner

Marcin Fijalkowski, Daniel Gemmecke, Marina Fischer, Karlotta Klußmann, Julian Kuhn, Hanna Lompa, Till Magnus Maurer, Yunrui Min, Carina Moser, Paula Müller, Lukas Munser, Aeneas Stankowski, Yulia Stern, Vanessa van den Bossche, Anton Viehl, Hui Wang, Lina Djouiai, Rongyuan Xu, Yang Yang


Workshop in the Messeturm Frankfurt