In cooperation with Simonswerk from Rheda-Wiedenbr├╝ck, the market-leading manufacturer of hinges and hinge systems, a small research group investigated the extent to which brand and design characteristics can be an integral concept for product development.

Simonswerk’s products are based on the principle of rotation. They are invisible products that hide in door frames and windows.

The result is mechanical principles and usage sequences – implemented in an innovative product design. The designs integrate perfectly into the existing systems. They represent the brand values of Simonswerk in an excellent way.

Picture: Tectus // Yves Kaprolat


Fenglin Zhang


Yves Kaprolat

2 Turn

Daniel Gemmecke

Semester Project 2013 / 2014

Prof. Dr. Alex Buck
Prof. Frank Zebner

Daniel Gemmecke, Yves Kaprolat, Yu-Cheng Lin, Jan-Simon Maibaum, Lea Rochna, Joseph Yu Cheng, Fenglin Zhang