cubo questions topics such as formal conception, materiality, structure and proportions of kitchen appliances. Existing images of ovens and refrigerators as well as the refutation of conventions were sought.

Both appliances are basic components of every modern kitchen. If the appliances are reduced to their essence, it can be seen that a refrigerator is a cooling box and an oven a heating box. Both objects require the appropriate technical elements – one for cooling, the other for heating, an insulated room and a door.

Cubo is a product platform for the production of an oven or refrigerator. The module consists of two frames that serve as the chassis of the appliance. The door is built into the front frame. It can be opened in four directions and enables a conscious and energy-efficient handling of the appliance. The respective technology is located in the rear frame. The operating module serves as a temperature controller, a handle and is responsible for lighting the device in the interior.

Cubo is the attempt to reduce a refrigerator and an oven to the essentials, to promote flexibility in their use and to focus on production and assembly.

Natalia Echeverri Pinto /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Diploma 2015