Fire extinguisher, Minimax! The red container with the striking white lettering has long been part of our collective brand memory. Today Minimax manufactures an extensive range of fire protection products. The range extends from fire extinguishers and extinguishing systems to hazard management.

The aim of the study project was to develop products and systems that address the corporate and brand values as well as the product worlds of Minimax and translate them in a visionary or innovative way.

Picture: Wet Alarm Valves // Christian Bax / Judith Block / Carina Moser / Julian Kuhn / Katharina Kummermehr / Benjamin Slattery / Frauke Taplik

Wet Alarm Valve

A wet alarm valve is an important part of every extinguishing system. It fulfils several tasks in the system. Among other things, it is responsible for alarming in the event of an emergency. The majority of all maintenance work is carried out at the wet alarm valve station.

Christian Bax


Katharina Kummermehr


Frauke Taplik



Whether in museums, department stores or hotels, sprinklers are the only component of the system in all buildings secured by extinguishing systems that is potentially perceived by every visitor or customer. They have the highest visual range compared to installed pipes or valve stations and can therefore serve as brand ambassadors.

Picture: WAV.ES // Lina Djouiai

Semester Project 2015 / 2016

Prof. Dr. Alex Buck
Prof. Frank Zebner


Christian Bax, Judith Block, Carina Moser, Julian Kuhn, Katharina Kummermehr, Felix Pape, Benjamin Slattery, Frauke Taplik, Lina Djouiai, Rongyuan Xu