Modern medical technology is no longer conceivable without industrial design. In the various user rooms and situations in this industry, time and reliability are decisive factors in life and death. Accordingly, products in this area must offer users clear operating options – everything else would be out of the question.

AudioView is an acoustic orientation system for blind people to acoustically locate objects marked with RFID chips. The construction of the components of an individual earmould and a serial transmitter or loudspeaker combines wearing comfort and precision. The sound indicating the position of the room is audible only to the wearer – and facilitates orientation.

The ‘earplug system’ consists of two components, an individual earmould and a serial transmitter or loudspeaker, which are worn in the right and left ear respectively. RFID transmitters determine the position of marked objects in relation to the head. This information is output as an acoustic signal via the loudspeakers, only audible to the wearer. Guided by the perceived position of the signal in the room, it is possible to precisely locate objects whose position the blind person does not know beforehand.

The earplugs are comfortable to wear and leave the auditory canals open so that the environment is perceived unchanged. They distinguish themselves from traditional earmoulds or hearing aids by emphasising their technically self-confident character in colours and shapes.

Frauke Zoe Taplik /
Prof. Frank Zebner

Free Studies 2013